As per the Executive Order issued by Governor Herbert on June 26th, 2020, the Utah COVID-19 Public Health Risk Status for Tooele County is Yellow (Low Risk) and an individual or business shall comply with the Yellow (Low Risk) provisions of the Phased Guidelines. Read the order in its entirety here Executive Order-2020-44-Updating-State-Health-Risk 4.8 July 17, 2020 and the most current Phased_Guidelines_Version_4.8.2 here or visit for more information.


You can learn more about the specific recommendations for Moderate and Low health risk designations at Find detailed guidelines for individuals and businesses at

Executive Order-2020-44-Updating-State-Health-Risk 4.8 July 17, 2020

Extending the Utah COVID-19 Health Risk Status July 10, 2020



State Health Risk EO.moving to yellow May 16, 2020










INDUSTRY SPECIFIC GUIDELINES per Phased_Guidelines_Version_4.8.2 LOW RISK (Yellow) Beginning June 26, 2020

Childcare Guidelines July 17th 2020

Construction Guidelines July 17th 2020

Driver’s Education Guidelines July 17th 2020

Events, Arts, and Entertainment Guidelines July 17th 2020

Food Establishments Guidelines July 17th 2020

General Employer Guidelines July 17th 2020

Gyms and Fitness Centers Guidelines July 17th 2020

Higher Education Institutions Guidelines July 17th 2020

Home Repair Guidelines July 17th 2020

Hospitality and Tourism Guidelines July 17th 2020

Hospital Settings and Ambulatory Surgical Facilities July 17th 2020

Nonhospital settings including dentistry July 17th 2020

Outdoor Recreation, Youth Outdoor Sports, Including Parks, Playgrounds, Pavilions Guidelines July 17th 2020

Personal Services Guidelines July 17th 2020

Religious Services Guidelines July 17th 2020

Retail Store Guidelines July 17th 2020

School (K-12) Guidelines July 17th 2020

Swimming Pool and Spa Guidelines July 17th 2020


Read the COVID-19 Business Manual here: COVID-19 Business Manual

To ensure you are following the most current Industry Specific Guidelines continue to check this site for updates and changes or by visiting

Utah Leads and Phased Health Guidelines

Live Events Industry – Quick Analysis for Phased Guidelines – V3

Tiered Recommendations for Businesses and Employees have been updated, please read the newest version here Phased_Guidelines_Version_4.8.2 Page 1 of this document lists the guidelines by specific industry. These guidelines can also be accessed by visiting This is an addendum to Utah Leads Together 2.01. The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget and the Utah Department of Health, with assistance from Leavitt Partners, have developed recommendations to support the roadmap for reactivation of the Utah economy while stabilizing public health. These guidelines may provide appropriate flexibility for regions within the state to proactively protect public health, reactivate the Utah economy, and minimize damage to Utah’s quality of life.
DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations that are subject to modification and may be superseded by county or local health department guidance.


Disinfectants for Use Against Covid-19