Yellow Dot – Citizens and First Responders Working Together to Save Lives

Have you thought about what the immediate aftermath of a serious crash might be? Would you be conscious? Able to speak? Able to tell first responders what medications you’re taking, any special medical considerations and who to contact?

These considerations and the importance of administering the most effective care as quickly as possible to crash victims led to the creation of the Yellow Dot Program.

It is designed to communicate critical information to first responders when crash victims might not be able to speak for themselves.

Utah started its Yellow Dot Program in January 2012. Yellow Dot can be used in conjunction with the Vial of Life program.

How does the Yellow Dot Program work?

Contact 435-277-2440 for more information.

There are four simple steps to making the Yellow Dot program work for you.

You’ll need three items: a picture, an Emergency Medical Information Form and a Yellow Dot sticker. Complete one form per person for each person who regularly rides in each vehicle you own.


1. PhotoFirst, print a photo of yourself – just one that you’re happy with and that easily identifies what you look like. The picture will be attached to the front of the completed form that goes in your glove compartment.


2. Emergency Medical FormComplete the medical form which contains your name, emergency contacts and medical information. If at all possible, print the form using a color printer or on yellow paper.


3. Yellow Dot StickerTake the Yellow Dot sticker you receive and place it in the lower left corner of your vehicle’s rear window. This sticker will alert first responders that you are a Yellow Dot program participant and they can find vital medical information in your vehicle’s glove compartment.


4. Packet In Glove CompartmentThe final step is to place the complete medical information form with picture attached into your glove compartment. First Responders are trained to look there when they see a Yellow Dot sticker in the rear window.


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