Injury Prevention & Safe Kids Chapter

The Tooele County Health Department has an extensive Injury Prevention Program. The focus of this program is to increase knowledge and prevention efforts to reduce injury (both intentional and unintentional), disability, death, and costs associated with injuries. The health department believes injuries are not just random acts or perchance happenings. They aren’t just “bad luck”, “fate”, or “destiny”. Injuries are caused by something or someone in the environment.

Some of our injury prevention goals are:

  • To ensure all the residents of Tooele County live in a safe, healthy, environment
  • To help all the residents of Tooele County to choose healthy and safe behaviors
  • To help all Tooele County Children succeed in school and prepare for the workforce by providing injury related presentations and activities
  • To increase safety awareness for seniors
  • Increase the use of bike helmets
  • Ensure that all infant car seats are installed and used correctly
  • Help prevent falls amoung the elderly
  • Include parents, church groups, law enforcement, community leaders, and others in the Tooele County Safe Kids Coalition Chapter

How are injuries prevented? Information! With information comes knowledge, awareness, and caution. These are the keys necessary to prevent injury. Information gives the options for prevention.

The Tooele County Safe Kids Chapter meets monthly at the health department. If you would like to become a member please call 435-277-2302 or email

Safe Kids was founded as a National Campaign in 1987 to prevent unintentional injuries in children. Johnson and Johnson provided the initial funding for Safe Kids nationally. Johnson and Johnson remains the primary sponsor.

Nationwide there are nearly 300 State and Local Safe Kids Coalitions and Chapters. The Tooele County Chapter has been active since 1998. Thanks to Safe Kids Efforts there has been a 17% decrease in child injury deaths to children under the age of 17.

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