Winter Driving

Winter driving in Utah requires many skills, a watchful eye for constantly changing winter conditions and common sense. Nearly all routes cross-mountains or open valleys and so weather driving conditions change rapidly as storms pass through.

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) maintenance crews are on the job statewide plowing, applying anti-icing and deicing chemicals, applying sand where needed to keep Utah’s roads safe for winter driving. Before the first flake falls, UDOT crews are preparing for the storm.

Roadside weather stations on key routes collect current weather and roadway temperature information via sophisticated sensors. This network provides valuable information to highway maintenance personnel, making the battle against ice and snow more efficient, effective, and less costly. Localized storm forecasts help crews prepare for storms before they arrive.

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Winter Driving Tips:
By following these easy to do tips, one can have safer commuting experience when driving during winter conditions.

Watch Out for Snowplows:

Use caution when operating around snowplows and use extreme caution when passing a snowplow. Watch out for snowplows that are equipped with a “wing” plows, they can extend several feet off of either side of the plow. Snowplows frequently stop and backup, so please give them plenty of room.
Never pass through a snowplows cloud!!!!

This cloud is created when snowplows are throwing snow. Never pass a snowplow on the right!!!! Keep back at least 200 feet. UDOT snowplows often spread salt or abrasives on the road. Following too closely may result in broken windshields or damage paint.
Wildlife & Livestock:

Utah has an open range. Slow down and use extreme caution when passing livestock or wildlife. Always be alert for wildlife in the highways outside Utah cities and towns. Deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, or wild horses, may be on the road at any time, especially in canyons or mountainous areas.
Winterizing Your Car:

Make sure your car is in good shape for the upcoming winter months. Have your vehicle checked. Things like good tires, good wiper blades, windshield washer fluid and working lights can help keep you out of an accident.

Information obtained from Utah Department of Transportation.

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