What is an Underground Storage Tank (UST)?

An UST is a tank system, including piping, containment, and other components to the tank, that has at least 10 percent of its volume underground.

What USTs are regulated?

Federal and State regulations apply only to those USTs containing petroleum products or certain hazardous chemicals. USTs not regulated include:

  • Farm or residential tanks 1,100 gallons or less, used non-commercially.
  • Tanks storing heating oil, used on the premises.
  • Flow-through process tanks.
  • Emergency spill and overflow tanks.
  • Tanks holding 110 gallons or less.
  • Others as described in the federal register.

Why are USTs regulated?

Utah obtains more than 50% of the population’s drinking water from groundwater. Currently, there are more than 3000 leaking UST sites in Utah. These sites have resulted in contaminated ground water, and in some cases explosions.

What records does the health department maintain regarding Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)? Contact our office at (435) 277-2440 or email us at eh@tooeleco.gov,

The health department does have records for current or in use USTs as well as historical records of removed USTs.

Who can I contact for more information regarding USTs? Contact our office at (435) 277-2440 or email us at eh@tooeleco.gov,

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The State of Utah, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Environmental Response and Remediation.

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