All Mobile Food Service Establishments (such as carts, trucks, trailers, booths and ice shack/stands) operating in Tooele County must meet the Departments regulations. Please review the following information before purchasing or constructing a Mobile Food Service Establishment. Below represents the normal sequence of events necessary to receive a valid operating permit.

  1. Contact the business licensing division of the city or municipality in which you wish to operate to determine if they allow your type of business. Also, contact your local fire department to make sure you meet their requirements.
  2. Complete the plan review application/packet for new food service establishments including submission of your drawn plans and pay applicable fee.
  3. Get a toilet facility agreement, for employee use, with a local business nearby your location.
  4. Complete a written commissary agreement with a permitted, local commissary. Each Mobile Food Service Establishment is required to use a commissary unless the establishment has adequate facilities to accommodate the functions of a commissary onsite. Food preparation CANNOT be done in a private residence.
  5. Register a Certified Food Safety Manager if your establishment is considered a category II or higher.
  6. Show that you have at least one food employee, present at your Mobile Food Service Establishment at any time during operation, holding a valid food handler’s permit.
  7. Ensure all surfaces are smooth and easily cleanable. Also, ensure you have a wastewater tank at least 15% larger than your culinary tank and have a wastewater disposal plan.
  8. Confirm you will be in compliance with the Tooele County Health Regulation #4 Food Sanitation, FDA FOOD CODE and all other applicable regulations in the State of Utah.
  9. Undergo a pre-opening inspection by the Department either here at our office or at your location.
  10. Submit a food service establishment application and pay applicable fee.


As per Health Regulation #4 Food Sanitation section 4.1 It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a food service establishment/mobile food service establishment/temporary food service establishment within Tooele County, or its law enforcement jurisdiction, who does not possess a valid permit issued by the Department.  Permits are not transferable.  A valid permit shall be posted in every food service establishment. Please review the complete regulation here Health Regulation#4 Food Sanitation.

You can pick up any necessary paperwork from our office or we can email or mail the paperwork to you. Call 435-277-2440 or email