Childcare / Daycare Kitchen Inspections

Before an inspection will be scheduled you will need to fill out the Application for Childcare Food Service Inspection and pay the inspection fee. Click here for Applications and Fees. For more information contact our office at or call (435)277-2440.

The inspection will cover these categories:

  1. Food prepared by the caregiver comes from an approved source
  2. Food brought in by parents for a child’s use must be labeled.
  3. Open baby food is refrigerated, held less than 24 hours. Infant formula or break milk must be discarded two hours after initiating a feeding.
  4. Refrigerator is clean, maintains a temperature below 41 °F, and a thermometer is placed insdie the fridge to measure ambient temperature.
  5. A probe thermometer is available that measures food temperatures.
  6. Caregivers have a current food handler permit on file.
  7. Food is served on clean and sanitized utensils, equipment, plates, etc.
  8. Re-usable food containers, utensils and prep surfaces are washed, rinsed and sanitized with an approved sanitized before each use.
  9. Personal cleanliness:
    • Hand washing facilities are available with soap and disposable towels.
    • Hair restraints are used.
    • Clean outer clothing.
  10. Chemicals are stored away from food and food service items, inaccessible to children.
  11. Menus are posted for the current week.

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