Tooele County Health Department (TCHD) is the public health agency serving the Tooele County residents in the state of Utah. The TCHD in collaboration with community partners and coalitions developed the third five-year Community Health Assessment (CHA) in 2022. The first and second community health assessments were completed in 2011 and 2016 respectively. Based on the 2022 County Health Rankings Report, Tooele County ranked 13th out of 29 counties in Utah in overall health. Understanding public health indicators in our community is the first step in improving the health of our population. The CHA is our roadmap for the next five years. We use the CHA to determine our communities and populations health priorities.
The CHA allows us to assess the health priorities of our population based on input provided by members of our community. To gain input we used surveys to determine the public health indicators in our population. Our primary data for this CHA was collected from a mixed survey method conducted by LightHouse Inc., focus groups, and our After-Action Report for the COVID-19 pandemic performed by Advanced Emergency Management Technology, LLC.
The TCHD team and partners have collected qualitative as well as quantitative data to provide meaning and context to the public health indicators that help us determine our populations health priorities for the next five years. We recognize that fostering better collaboration with our local agencies such as local coalitions, police and fire departments, local non-profit organizations, businesses, and other health agencies within Tooele County will help us achieve our goals and objectives in the short and long-term.
As our TCHD team seeks to build upon accomplishments from the 2011 and 2016 CHA, it is crucial to ask for input from every partner and health agency that supported us in achieving our mission which is to serve as a leader in public health for the community by promoting health, striving to prevent avoidable diseases, assessing the health of our community, developing policies, providing services and education, and protecting the environment to assure a better quality of life for all residents.
As the Executive Health Officer, I encourage my Tooele County Health Department Team to use our mission statement as a roadmap to this greater vision for our communities. A place where everyone is treated with respect and dignity that we all may strive for success in all aspects of life. My hope is this team is to work together to make Tooele County the healthiest and happiest place in Utah, and everyone has what they need to reach their highest potential and be successful.

To read the assessment in its entirety click here: Tooele County Community Health Assessment Final1.1 2022