National Weather Service Experimental HeatRisk:
Heat affects everyone differently. In order to better address heat risk and allow you to prepare for upcoming heat events, the NWS has developed the experimental HeatRisk forecast. The NWS HeatRisk forecast provides a quick view of heat risk potential over the upcoming seven days. The heat risk is portrayed in a numeric (0-4) and color (green/yellow/orange/red/magenta) scale which is similar in approach to the Air Quality Index (AQI) or the UV Index. In a similar way, it provides one value each day that indicates the approximate level of heat risk concern for any location, along with identifying the groups who are most at risk. This product is supplementary to the official NWS heat watch/warning/advisory program and is meant to provide continuously available heat risk guidance for those decision makers and heat sensitive populations  who need to take actions at levels that may be below current NWS heat product levels.
Click here  to search your location and view the seven day forecast.