Pine Canyon Developer Guidelines

Below you will find a copy of the  IS&R_Developer_Guidelines_Brochure_2010 which are written for developers and homeowners who plan to develop or otherwise improve property which may have been impacted by historic activities related to the International Smelting & Refining Company’s Tooele Smelter (IS&R).

 The former smelter property and Pine Canyon residential properties affected by smelter activities have been remediated through various US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitored actions since 1986. Specifically, Atlantic Richfield Company (Atlantic Richfield), under the direction of the EPA, has completed a series of remedial actions in the Pine Canyon area wherein soil with elevated lead and arsenic concentrations was removed from residential properties and replaced with clean soil. The Environmental studies conducted during 2001-2003 by Atlantic Richfield indicate lead and arsenic concentrations above acceptable residential cleanup levels may still exist in the soil on some undeveloped properties in the Pine Canyon area.

 In order to monitor future development in Pine Canyon and confirm that properties are adequately remediated, Tooele County has created the Pine Canyon Environmental Overlay Zone (See Figure 1). Within the Overlay Zone a review of the environmental condition and possible remedial action is required as part of the development or building construction approval process. Applicants anticipat-ing development within the Pine Canyon Area should first meet with the Tooele County Planning and Zoning Department (TCPZ) to determine if the property to be developed or otherwise improved is subject to the requirements of the Overlay Zone. The initial request should include the following information:


  • Physical address or parcel number
  • Vicinity Map
  • Concept Map showing planned development or construction


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