Tooele Valley Railroad Spur

West_Of_VineA railroad spur is a side track which connects with the main track of a railroad system. When it is no longer needed, it may be discarded or taken apart.

The Tooele Valley Railroad Spur was abandoned in 1981.

Atlantic Richfield Company, under oversight from the EPA, completed remediation activities of residential properties on the Tooele Valley Railroad Spur in September 2005. Since the remediation work has been completed, and the contaminated soil has been removed, this site is not considered a public health hazard.

The Tooele Valley Railroad Spur:

  • RR Spur700Tooele Valley Railroad SpurThe spur runs parallel along the Oquirrh Mountains and enters Tooele City from the east just north of vine street
  • it is roughly 10 feet wide and runs approximately six miles through Tooele
  • it runs along a public driving range and golf course – gravel path for the golf carts lies on top of the spur
  • spur extends along the north side of the Oquirrh Hills Building
  • the spur then crosses 7th, 6th, 5th, and 4th Streets, and Broadway Avenue
  • between 4th Street and Broadway Avenue there is an open area that serves as a parking lot
  • on the west side of Broadway Avenue, the spur runs through secured Railroad Museum property, through a field, and then under East Vine Street, which is paved
  • new homes were constructed by the government housing authority on and around the spur between 7th Street and 4th Street


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