Utah Leads Together is Governor Herbert’s comprehensive task force plan to mitigate the economic consequences of COVID-19.

Every Utahn plays a role in Utah’s recovery. We lead together. This leadership requires Utahns to continue to take three major actions:

  1. Follow public health guidelines
  2. Stay engaged with the economy
  3. Assist those in need

Version 3 of the Utah Leads Together plan builds upon Version 1, released March 24, 2020, and Version 2, released April 17, 2020, by sharing critical instructions for high risk populations, addressing impacts to Utah’s multi-cultural community, and planning for Utah’s economic recovery. We anticipate there will be additional versions of this plan as we manage the new risk of COVID-19.

The report and economic playbook include recommendations from dozens of Utah state and industry leaders.

Utah_Leads_Together_3.0_May 20, 2020