Tooele County Businesses,

We invite you to join the Tooele County Stronger Together Commitment. While restrictions or recommendations may change, we want to let customers and visitors know that Tooele County businesses are open and that they go above and beyond to keep our communities safe; as well as healthy places to live, work, and visit.

As we recover and begin resuming our usual activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we want to ensure the safety of our customers, visitors, and locals alike. As such, the Tooele County Stronger Together Commitment is two-fold: 1) Tooele County Businesses’ commitment and 2) Customers and visitors’ commitment.

To assist our businesses in doing their part, Tooele County Health Department with support from the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism has provided this tool kit for businesses so that they can show their commitment to go above and beyond.

The Tool Kit

1. Follow the appropriate industry specific guidelines In the Utah Leads Together 2.0 plan, Phased Guidelines found here: Phased Guidelines

2. Download the Tooele County Stronger Together Commitment certificate here: Certificate

3. Print and display your Tooele County Stronger Together Commitment certificate to show your business supports your employees, customers, and visitors in protecting their health and safety.

Business Resources and Education

  -Supporting Business Resources and Education-

Social Distancing

Cleaning, Hygiene, Monitoring/Managing Employee Symptoms –

Employee and Workplace Education Flyers (By Industry) –

By Industry Specific: (Phased Guidelines) –

Video Resources

BUSINESS FACE MASKS & OTHER PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE) We understand that as a business during this time there are limited funds and resources available. While we cannot commit to providing all businesses with PPE we are doing our best to find available suppliers. Here are a few initial solutions and resources:

1. PPE Push Pack: As a sole-proprietor or business with less than 50 employees consider participating in the Utah PPE Push Pack program. To register in the program please complete this form:

2. Mask for Every Utahn: The State of Utah is committed to providing a “Mask For Every Utahn.” If you or your employees need one, please visit:

3. Utah PPE Vendor List: The State of Utah has a vetted vendor list of PPE suppliers in the state. Please view the list here:

Phased Health Guidelines by Industry

PHASED HEALTH GUIDELINES BY INDUSTRY For more information on the Phased Health Guidelines, please refer to this sheet that shares guidelines by industry: