Community Health Improvement Plan 

2023 Community Health Improvement Plan

Letter to the Community
To Our Friends, Community Partners, and Tooele County Residents,

The Tooele County Health Department is committed to making measurable improvements in the health and safety of this community. As part of an ongoing community health improvement process, community partners from various organizations worked together hand in hand to develop Tooele County’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Health priorities selected by partners for the CHIP are based on data presented in the 2022 Community Health Assessment (CHA) here. The Community Health Assessment summarized the health status of the residents who call Tooele County home—and included data on overall health, behavioral health risks, health outcomes, the structural environment, and access to medical and dental care.
Many Tooele County citizens experience physical and behavioral health problems related to mental health, substance use, and lack of nutrition and exercise. The challenges we face require a call to action. The 2023-2027 CHIP provides the framework for mobilizing community action through partnerships to improve the health of all Tooele County Residents, particularly our most vulnerable citizens. Three (03) data-driven health priorities have been identified to work on improving:

(1)- Mental Health
(2)- Substance Use Disorders (SUD)
(3)- Obesity and Healthy Living

Our community shares the ownership of these complex public health problems and we need diverse community engagement to show improvement. The community-wide alignment of our efforts and resources across all areas will be essential to meeting the goals established for each health priority. By working together, we can have a safe, healthy, and flourishing community.
We thank all those who have already contributed to the success of the Tooele County Community Health Improvement Plan, especially the members of the three (03) health priority workgroups. Without their talents, interests, insights, and knowledge, this report could not have been completed. To become involved or to receive more information about the CHIP, please contact Mamadou Tounkara at 435- 277- 2302.
Working together today, we can improve our health and safety for tomorrow.

Read the full report here 2023 Community Health Improvement Plan

Jeff R. Coombs, MPH
Executive Director/Health Officer
Tooele County Health Department