Wells- Individual Water Systems: permitting, testing and re-certifications.

Individual Water Systems also known as wells must be permitted and inspected according to Health Regulation #5 Individual Water Systems.

Permitting: A permit must be obtained before any drilling may begin. A permit will not be issued for the drilling of a culinary water well for drinking purposes until all items listed below have been received by our office:

  1. you will need to acquire a copy of your water rights and well driller start cards from the Division of Water Rights (801) 538-7240
  2. complete the Application for Well-Spring permit
  3. a map of your property showing where your well will be located in proximity to your property, home, septic etc. Note there must be a 100 foot radius protection zone around your well to protect it from any contaminants or pollution (septic systems, barns, corrals, etc.)
  4. pay applicable fee

Testing: Once the permit has been issued drilling may begin. After the well has been drilled TCHD will obtain a sample from the well and have it analyzed by a lab to verify if it meets the Rule R309-200. Monitoring and Water Quality: Drinking Water Standards. For a new well it takes about 2 weeks for us to receive the results back  from the lab. For an additional fee the results may be rushed, result time frame is dependent on lab conditions. Additional sampling and fees may be required if initial sample does not meet these standards. Septic permits will not be issued until satisfactory well results have been received.

Re-certifications:  During real estate transactions, mortgage lender’s often require a well at an existing home to be sampled for drinking water standards. These tests take at least 36 lab hours to be completed. There is no rush option available. An application and fee must be paid before a sample will be collected by TCHD and sent to the lab. Additional sampling and fees may be required if initial sample does not meet the standards.

Click here for a list of approved Property Map Perc People Well Drillers Info.

Contact us at (435)277-2440 or by email at eh@tooeleco.gov if you need more information.

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