Food Handler Permits

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“All food handlers must obtain a permit from a local health department before they are allowed to handle food which will be served to the public.” – R392-103- Food Handler Training and Certificate (click here to view the rule).

To obtain a permit, food service workers must attend the Food Handler Class held at the health department OR complete an approved Online Food Handler Class. See approved websites below.

Click here for the Food Handler Basics Handout.

Food Handler applicants:

Live Class-

  • held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 4:00 pm, register 20 minutes early in Suite 140
  • the fee is $20.00 and picture I.D is required
  • class starts promptly at 4:00 pm, late applicants will need to attend the next class
  • class will last about 2 hours and you will receive your permit at the end of the class (upon passing the exam)
  • permit is valid for 3 years

Online Class- The State of Utah offers online training through  APPROVED VENDORS. Please be aware, there are many online outlets claiming to offer Utah Food handler cards at additional charges and fees. The Utah Department of Health maintains the list of approved vendors. Click here for a list of approved vendors. Cards issued from online sources not on the state’s website will not be accepted.

Approved online courses:

  1. Ace Food Handler –
  2. Above Training /State Food Safety or
  3. TAP Series - or
  4. Safeway - or
  5. 123 Premier Food Safety-
  •  Once you have completed the course bring your picture I.D, this Food Handler Application  filled out if possible  and certificate if possible to Suite 140 to pick up your Food Handler Permit. Mon.-Thurs. 7am-6pm or call 435-277-2440 or email us at to have permit mailed to you.
  • this course is available is Spanish, English, and Mandarin
  • you must have a debit or credit card for payment
  • you will need an email address
  • permit is valid for 3 years from the date you complete the course

If you need to become certified as a FOOD SAFETY MANAGER click here for more information. This is a separate course than the Food Handler Course. If you have completed an approved food safety manager course you do not need to take the food handler course too however you need to register your Food Safety Manager certificate at the health department.

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